Alive Collage

Paffllage XIII - Pink
Paffllage XII - Beige
Paffllage XI - Orange
Paffllage X - Blue

Computerized Collage

Paffllage IX - Corporate Power
Paffllage VIII - Beasts
Paffllage VII - Black and White Images
Paffllage VI - Parts of the Body
Paffllage V - Colors
Paffllage IV - Personal Photographs
Paffllage III Small / Large and Vertical - Number Search String
Paffllage II - Word Search String
Paffllage I

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Through various means, each person participating in the 2D Paffllage chooses an image. The chosen images are then compiled. Each person then makes a collage from the same set of images which uses each image in a perceivable way.

Past methods of choosing an image include:
• Pooling words from each participant into a string that is fed into Google image search. Each person chooses an image from the resulting images.
• Using pictures each participants has taken themselves.
• Pictures with a specific color.

Paffllage is run by Will Rahilly