Photo Zine, 2015

Blue Dot

Video, 5 Minutes, 2015


Installation, 2015


Sculptural Video Installation with Dan Meth, 2014

Memory Foam

Photo Series, 2014

Studio Photos



4-Channel Video, 2013-14

The Fertile Swipe

A performance at EYEBEAM / Monkeytown 150+ performances, 2013/14 in Chelsea, New York, Denver, CO, and Austin, TX.

Breezy Point Box Job

Performance, 2012

Astral Gazebo

Photo Series, 2011-2012


Video, 12 min, 2012

Hot Face

Text, music and video performance at St. Mark's Church, 2011


Video, 2010, 55 min.

Digital Collage

VomScan 20008 Performance and Video

A cyclical performance involving vomiting and scanning. 2007

Sunday 5/08/2016 Work Presentation at Pioneer Works Residency as part of 2nd Sundays Redhook, Brooklyn, NY

Buffet Dreams, 2015

Boils, Immersive Installation, 2015
Chorus, 2014 From Blastulacon, 55 Min, 2010

Seedy Rack Battles Nature’s Breath, 2014

From The Fertile Swipe, 2013-14